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CBI creates linkages among municipalities, corporations and sources of investment capital which have been encouraged to develop CDM projects by the National Development and Reform Commission, an agency of the Central Government of the PRC. CBI has signed agreements with the NDRC referencing CDM projects. Such agreements foster security and enhance cooperation on the part of the linked participants in our projects.



CBI is a direct investor in projects in the southern region of the PRC, and propose to be traders of the CERS arising from these projects on the ECX (european carbon exchange) and privately. We have close relationships with brokers of these instruments who can provide a source of customers. If as and when the United States either becomes a signatory to the successor to the Kyoto protols, or, develops its own 'cap and trade' system to reduce emissions of GGs to reduce Green House Gas, CBI will be able to fulfill the need for CERs or equivalent instuments from our projects in the PRC.

我们将在中国东部以及南部地区的垃圾填埋气治理项目开展直接投资,并利用项目所产生的CER在欧洲碳交易所(ECX )和企业间开展交易。与我们有紧密关系的经纪公司将为我们提供稳定和真实的客户。如果下一界美国政府能够签署京都议定书并获得美国上议院和参议院的通过,我们希望在中国投资更多的项目并产生能满足我们客户需要CER。

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