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Carbon Bank Ireland (CBI) is a privately owned company domesticated in the Republic of Ireland. Our primary mission is to invest in clean development mechanism (CDM) projects in the People's Republic of China as well as other countries which will originate certified emission reduction (CER) credits with a view to creating certified emission reduction credits tradable in the European Union. We focus our current efforts on containing the atmospheric discharge of methane from landfills (LFG Projects) and from animal effluents and using that methane to generate electricity. Similarly CERs will be originated from other approved CDM projects such as wind farms, capture of fugitive emissions from fuels (solid, oil and gas), waste handling and disposal, mining and smelting.

爱尔兰碳银行有限公司( CBI )是一家在爱尔兰注册的私人控股公司。其主要业务是在中华人民共和国投资清洁发展机制 ( CDM )项目,并创造经核证的减排信用额(CER),在欧盟开展交易。我们核心技术和主要投资是:控制、改善和利用垃圾填埋场(气)以及家畜饲养场的沼气(甲烷)排放,并利用沼气(甲烷)发电,以期通过资本和技术的投入在中国降低温室气体的排放。

CBI is vertically integrated, establishing joint ventures with local entrepreneurs throughout China and elsewhere to design, develop, construct,and bring CDM projects to fruition.




Our approach is to invest in LFG developments, animal waste treatment plants, wind farms, and those areas mentioned above using a team of engineers and constants who are accomplished in their chosen areas of expertise . They have the responsibility for the preparation of design documents that meet third party oversight ensuring verification and certification of emission reductions under the rules established by the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).



Funding for the CDM projects our company creates is sourced from private capital and banking relationships existing at the present time in country and includes local municipal participation as well.





Given the baseline requirements of sustainability and additionality as part of the CDM registration process, only such technologies which will move through validation successfully are adopted. CBI receives advice from an Advisory Board comprised of members of the faculties of the University of California, Berkeley, Stanford University, and Tsinghua University, Beijing.


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